Imax With Laser

What is IMax With Laser (Definition & More)

Have you ever wondered what is IMAX with laser? Although everyone has heard of IMAX, 3D, and even 4D, what is this laser in IMAX? Let us find out.

What Does Imax Laser Mean?

The traditional Xenon lamps used in the majority of conventional movie theaters are replaced by high-powered Laser light engines in each of the proprietary IMAX 4K digital projectors.

In comparison to Xenon lamps, laser light engines are able to produce a great deal more light, resulting in much brighter images and a more even lighting pattern that improves on-screen presentation.

What Does It Look Like on Screen?

Crisp, brilliant, and unmistakable! In particular, when compared to film, an IMAX Laser image is noticeably brighter due to the even distribution of light across the screen.

Much higher contrast levels (the difference between the brightest whites and the darkest blacks) and a wider color spectrum also contribute to clearer, more detailed images.

These variations work together to produce images that are more vivid and realistic, giving you a greater sense of realism to fully immerse you in the cinematic experience.

Why Two Projectors?

The use of two projectors improves the quality of 3D presentations by allowing for the simultaneous projection of distinct images for the left and right eyes.

In contrast, a single projector in conventional theaters alternates between projecting images for each eye, a compromise that detracts from the 3D experience.

Both projectors are used by IMAX to display the same image in 2D movies, with one offset by a pixel and a half. This method boosts brightness and resolution for an improved onscreen presentation.

When Was the Laser System Installed?

The five IMAX Laser systems in the world—and the first ever to be installed in Australia—were installed at IMAX Melbourne in 2015. In the projection booth, our beloved IMAX 1570 Film system is now positioned next to our Laser projectors.

Imax With Laser

What is the Total Seating Capacity in IMAX With Laser Theatres?

The number of seats available is the same as in a conventional movie theater, i.e. 350-400 can watch the movie together at a time.

What Are Various Seating Options Available in An IMAX With Laser Screen?

There may be three seating options at PVR Icon Lower Parel, according to a search on BookMyShow: Classic, Prime, and Recliner. While Recliner is the furthest away from the screen, Classic is closest to it.

What is the Pricing for Each of the Seating Options?

The price of the tickets is roughly in the normal range, i.e. the cheapest variant costs ₹190 (The price of Prime is 280. But the price of Recliner, which is almost twice as much as that of Prime, is ₹550.

What is the Difference Between IMAX With Laser and Other Technologies Like IMAX/4DX/MX4D/Insignia/PXL?

In a previous section of this article, we discussed the Digital IMAX. 4DX and The 4D experience is the foundation of MX4D, which is totally unique. PVR’s own PXL Screen rivals IMAX with laser, but the former uses Dolby Atmos, and the latter Dolby Cinema.

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