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Top 6 Best Laser Tag Sets in 2022 – Buying Guide

Recently learned: lasers are awesome! Attempts to entice children out of their rooms and into fun activities are commonplace among today’s parents. With laser guns by their sides, you can gather the entire family for engaging games. There is no better way to bring the whole family together than laser tag, which is enjoyable for children and adults of all ages. We’ve made your life simpler by bringing these products to you because we don’t want you to waste valuable time searching through endless products online. For your convenience, we have included a buying guide at the end of this article along with a list of the top laser tag sets of 2022. So let’s move on to the products right away, shall we?

The Highest-Rated Laser Tag Sets of 2022

1. ArmoGear Laser Tag for Kids – Best Overall

ArmoGear Laser Tag for Kids

Key Features

Enjoyment will undoubtedly rise with the voice command feature. You can play at any time of day or night thanks to the additional flashlights included in this set. There are three AAA batteries needed for each blaster and vest. This laser tag set is the best overall due to its long firing range and sturdy construction.

Your home likely has a backyard. Your backyard can become a gaming area with the help of ArmoGear. You can engage in long-distance combat with family or friends thanks to the 150-foot firing range. This laser tag set allows for simultaneous play by up to four teams, so there won’t be any need to bench some family members or friends. You can defeat the opposing team by utilizing the shotgun, machine gun, rocket, or pistol weapon feature. The blasters are also ergonomically designed, offer a great grip, and are safe for children over the age of eight to use.


  • Easy to play
  • The game is playable at all hours
  • Long firing range


  • The guns and vests have syncing issues

Batteries: Requires 24 AAA batteries for 2 hours of play | Shooting range: 150 feet | Receiver: Straps with receiver | Age level: 8 years old and up

2. Squad Hero Rechargeable Laser Tag Set – Best Rechargeable

Squad Hero Rechargeable Laser Tag Set

Key Features

This set includes Herosync & LCD HUD technologies that let you benefit from 360-degree combat with three distinct target zones (back, gun, and chest). Additionally, you can view the results in real time because the guns and vests are paired together. Choose between automatic, laser, rocket, and pistol weapon modes while keeping an eye on your status on the guns and LCDs on your vests. Additionally, each game will be entertaining thanks to the night flashlight, adjustable game settings, team/solo mode, and 150-foot range.

Next, we have the laser tag set from Squad Hero. This laser tag set has the cool feature of being rechargeable, so you can stop spending money on expensive batteries after a few games. Four guns, four vests, and a charging station are included in the set. The set can be used for about eight games on a single charge.


  • The gear can be recharged
  • Multiple useful features
  • No more battery replacement


  • The syncing process takes some time

Batteries: Rechargeable batteries, 4 hour play time per charge | Shooting range: 150 feet | Receiver: Three target zones: gun, chest, and back | Age level: 8 years old and up

3. FAO Schwarz Dual Blast Laser Tag – Best Budget

FAO Schwarz Dual Blast Laser Tag

Key Features

Use this reasonably priced two-person set to try out laser tag. This set, which comes with two guns and two receivers housed on simple-to-wear vest straps, is a great entry point into the game. In comparison to other options, the blasters look less like guns, which may be a big plus for some families. Although there are cost savings with this set, it does require two AA and two AAA batteries to function, so be prepared to have those batteries on hand.

Although it can be used both indoors and outdoors, this set’s limited range of 60 feet makes it best for smaller yards or indoor playrooms. The vibrations and lights on the blasters give the game a fun, interactive element. Since the wearable target only has one receiver, accuracy of aim is crucial.

The set comes with two guns, but if you purchase additional sets, they will coordinate and function as one unit in a different situation. Connecting the four guns to create two teams is impossible. Both blasters look pretty much the same and are the same color, though they’re labeled “Player One” and “Player Two.” Although it’s a good starter set, the limited abilities and shorter range of this choice may annoy more experienced players or older children.


  • Good intro set
  • Lights and vibration features
  • Blasters don’t look like guns


  • Requires two AA and two AAA batteries (not included)
  • Limited range

Batteries: Requires AA and AAA batteries | Shooting range: 60 feet | Receiver: Straps with circular sensor | Age level: 8 years old and up

4. Laser X 88016 Two-Player Laser Gaming Set – Best for Competition

Laser X 88016 Two-Player Laser Gaming Set

Key Features

When it’s dry outside or inside, this two-player game is perfect. Despite the fact that you can certainly go rogue and create your own game, this set includes instructions for a more sensible game. Competitive fun can be had for hours with this! Parents (and grandparents) are included, as well as children.

This game comes with two receiver vests and two laser guns. You can always keep track of shots and hits thanks to the full-color lighting effects! You can get assistance from a voice coach who is interactive during the game. You can listen to the soundtrack and sound effects by simply plugging in your headphones.

Additionally, all other Laser X sets are compatible with this set. Therefore, even though this set is suitable for two players, you can easily add more!


  • Long Range
  • Voice Coach
  • Bonding Activity


  • Not Discreet
  • Headphones Required

Batteries: 4 AA batteries included | Shooting range: 200 feet | Receiver: two receiver vests | Age level: 6 years old and up

5. VTech KidiGo NexTag – Best for Little Kids

VTech KidiGo NexTag

Key Features

This set is not quite laser tag, but it is still a ton of fun and a great choice for younger children. Four colored armbands are inside the box when you open it. Two AA batteries are needed for each to operate. Put on the armbands, then get ready to participate in 20 different games, such as Simon Says, freeze tag, capture the flag, and many others. Even three single-player games are available for solo play. We love that the set is voice-activated, so the armbands not only explain the directions but they track game play and know who’s “it” and who is out.

Many families will find this appealing because there are no guns, which will be appreciated by the parents. As the bands only have a 120-foot range, they might not work if you play in a large backyard or park.


  • No guns
  • 20 pre-loaded games
  • Three single player games


  • Too juvenile for older kids

Batteries: Requires 8 AA batteries | Shooting range: 120 feet | Receiver: Arm strap | Age level: 5 years old and up

6. Kidzlane Laser Tag Guns – Reduced IR Emission

Kidzlane Laser Tag Guns

Key Features

This laser tag set has a certified safety rating for kids of all ages and emits less than 1mW of the infrared signal.

Our final choice comes from Kidzlane, and its guns are unique from those you’ll find on the market. Adults can hold a gun in one hand without any discomfort, making it easy for them to flee from their adversaries. Each of the four available gun modes has a different ammo and damage per shot capacity. The laser blasters vibrate and light up to allow you to see a great distance; the gun’s range is 130 feet. You can play four teams simultaneously and select from the colors white, blue, red, or green to make things more interesting.


  • Clear instructions, easy to play with
  • Safe for all ages
  • Highly versatile set


  • Guns could be sturdier

Batteries: Requires 4 AA batteries per gun, 3 AAA batteries per receiver | Shooting range: 130 feet | Receiver: Optional wearable target vests, 1 spider target, and blasters are receivers | Age level: 8 years old and up

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Purchasing the Right Laser Tag Set: a Buying Guide

Laser tag, in contrast to some other games, is both entertaining and thrilling while requiring little to no cleanup. These days, laser tag sets are popular, and an increase in demand has resulted in an increase in supply. Due to the difficulty of sorting through and analyzing so many options, this can make things more challenging for buyers. We’ve put together a buyer’s guide with all the information you require as a service to you in order to assist you.

Factors to Consider

Toy purchases shouldn’t be too difficult, right? If the game were easy, then this would be accurate. Before bringing a set of laser tag equipment into your home, you might want to check a few things because it involves complicated machinery.

Precision and Accuracy

The fact that the guns on cheap laser tag sets are inaccurate may be one of the most frequent complaints. What do we mean by that? For instance, if you tag someone, you might anticipate that they will lose a life. If that doesn’t happen, you might start to question the weapon’s precision and accuracy, which is very common with laser blasters that have subpar materials or software. Verify the quality of the materials used to make the toy. If the accuracy isn’t excellent, you won’t be able to enjoy the game.


People frequently ignore this issue. When you hold the gun, how does it feel? When holding the gun for a prolonged period, do your hands get sore?

The way the gun is made overall will affect how well it fits in your hand. It should be simple to hold the grip panel, grip safety, and even the trigger.

Weapon Modes and Colors

Depending on this element, your children may or may not love the game. These days, it’s easy to locate sets that include a variety of fun features. The game is made more engaging by the fact that most sets offer a variety of weapon modes. Additionally, they might have various colors to make enemies visible at night.


We briefly discussed the resources earlier. The vests and guns should be durable, so using high-quality materials is essential. ABS plastic, which is the most prevalent material at the moment, is great for everyday use.

Additionally, the vests and weapons should be portable so that kids can carry them and run while wearing them. As the guns or vests can break while your kids are playing, make sure the material is strong to prevent injuries.

Power Supply

Rechargeable and battery-operated sets are the two types available. Although the choice ultimately comes down to personal preference, we’d go with the rechargeable sets. The main justification is that having to constantly buy batteries can be very annoying. If one or two batteries fail, your entire game will be in danger.

In spite of all of this, you must realize that rechargeable sets also have their shortcomings. Customers frequently gripe that the blasters only function for a brief period of time, even after charging. Check that the cover on the tag gun can be easily removed before you buy a battery-operated set.

Appropriate Ages for Laser Tag

There is no set age range for friendly home laser tag matches. The youngest age for which the laser tag guns were recommended was for 5-year-olds.

Despite the fact that any kid can play laser tag, they shouldn’t. Players should be aware of the rules and how to use the firearms.

Is Laser Tag Safe for Children?

Children can use laser tag toys with some degree of safety. Most are regulated to ensure they aren’t harmful.

Mild infrared lighting is used by laser tag weapons. Never let your kids point anything at someone else’s eyes directly.

Know The Risks

When used incorrectly, lasers can harm the eyes. Your child should be aware that aiming it directly into the eyes can have serious consequences.

Beware of the Beam

For many of us, playing laser tag evokes fond memories. We remember playing it every day after school, so we are aware of how enjoyable it is. It’s a great resource for encouraging active play in your kids.

The best laser tag weapons for home use must be found. A product with good performance, appealing features, and durability is what you want.

Make sure they are aware of the beam’s power once you have selected the ideal one for your kids or even yourself. Be careful when using laser weapons even though they are generally safe.

Conclusion: Best Laser Tag Sets

The great thing about laser tag is that it’s a great way to get your kid off the couch if they specifically requested a set. Most age groups can enjoy it, and even adults can get involved. You can choose from our list of the top six laser tag games. If you’re still undecided, we advise ArmoGear Laser Tag for Kids. This laser tag set is the best overall because of its extensive firing range and high-quality design.


Is It Required to Wear Black While Playing?

It is better to wear darker colors because you will be less noticeable to opposing teams. If you’re going to be playing outside all day, wear clothing that will help you blend in.

How Many Lives Are There in Each Game?

Each player starts with five lives and 100 health points. The number of points you lose for each shot depends on the gun option you choose.

Can I Play a Game With Multiple Sets?

Generally speaking, yes. Even though the guns and vests are from a different set, they should still work.

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