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How to Play Laser Tag As a Pro: Tips to Win

Do you enjoy the rush that laser tag provides? Are you interested in learning the best strategies for playing laser tag? You’ve arrived at the proper location. Everything you need to know about laser tag will be covered in this blog post.

With vests to wear that allows you to be shot with lasers by other players and your own laser gun to shoot them back, laser tag is the closest thing you can get to playing the lead in an Xbox game.

The fun of laser tag comes in part from the fact that you’re acting like big kids playing cowboys and Indians, but with modern tools instead of twigs and a nerf gun.

Sometimes, there is no greater feeling than taking some of the kids’ silly fun back. And if having fun includes stalking your friends with weapons through a pitch-black arena filled with bunkers while attempting to take each other out to the beat of pumping music, all the better.

We’ll go over the fundamentals, like what laser tag is and how it works, as well as some more sophisticated ideas, like strategy and teamwork. You’ll be prepared to enter the laser tag arena and defeat your opponents by the time this article is over!

What is Laser Tag?

Laser tag is a thrilling, action-packed game that can be played both inside and outside. It’s a team sport that’s typically played between two teams of equal size. The goal of the game is to score points by using laser beams to tag members of the opposing team, and each team has a base. The players’ handheld laser guns, which they use to aim at their opponents, are what emit the beams. The infrared-sensitive gadget will display some signals after a player is struck.

How Does Laser Tag Work?

With a set of laser guns and sensors, laser tag is played. The sensors, which are typically worn on the player’s vest or helmet, pick up the laser beams emitted from the guns. When a player is hit by a laser beam, their sensor records the hit and registers a point for the opposing team. Usually, the game is played in a room with barriers and covers that players can use to deflect laser beams.

In addition to regular laser tag, Fun Empire also offers neon laser tag games with thrilling fluorescent lighting and pitch-black arenas.

What Are the Benefits of Playing Laser Tag?

Getting active while having fun and honing your teamwork and strategy skills is easy with laser tag. People of all ages can participate in this game that Fun Empire has organized, making it a great activity for birthday parties, team-building exercises, and just about any other kind of event or gathering. The ideal way to strengthen your relationships with your friends, coworkers, or family is to play laser tag.

Rules and Equipment

Here are some guidelines and explanations that we employ to keep laser tag matches organized. You should feel free to use this as a general guideline, but rules may vary depending on your play area and objectives.

Gun Explanations

  • Show players how to put on the Sunland. Demonstrate to players how to adjust the Sunband’s tension. Describe the process by which you hit a player to cause the Sunband to light up.
  • Teach players how to use their weapons. Make sure players hear the shooting sound.
  • Demonstrate to players how to reload. Between the S-7 and the Eclipse, there are a few minor differences. Why does a gun make that noise when you need to reload it?
  • Display the gun’s Health and Ammo displays for players. What noise does a gun make when you get hit?
  • Describe the sound a gun will make when the game first begins.
  • Justify the elimination process for a player. (When a player runs out of hits, they are eliminated. Players cannot be eliminated in some game modes.) Give an example of the sound a gun makes when a player is eliminated.

Safety Rules

  • No climbing trees.
  • Stay at least five feet away from other payers. If you do, step back from one another and continue playing. (This lessens the likelihood of players colliding with one another. )
  • Everyone needs to stop and assist anyone who falls or gets hurt.

General Rules

  • The perimeter of the play area must not be crossed.
  • Do not put your Sunband under any hats or clothing. Additionally, avoid covering your gun sensor with a hand.
  • To alert other players that you have been eliminated, raise your hands and gun in the air. If needed, shout “I am out!” to let other players know you are out.
  • Don’t divulge any enemy player information to your team after being eliminated. As the old saying goes, “Death does not tell tales.”

How to Play Laser Tag Like a Pro?

  • Maintain a low profile
  • Choose a convenient high place that allows you to be in the best possible position to shoot
  • Move around, don’t remain still! Quickly change your position once it’s no longer safe
  • Shoot with precision, or else your position will be revealed to them
  • Familiarise yourself with the arena layout
  • Be with at least one other member of the team

Tips to Win at Laser Tag

The Basics:

1) Attire

Let’s talk about your attire because, first and foremost, you need to be dressed for success.

There is nothing worse than turning off the lights to play laser tag, and one of your teammates did not get the “black t-shirt memo”.

Wearing all-black clothing is a requirement for playing laser tag if you’re serious about winning. If you don’t have an all-black outfit, choose dark colors instead of fluorescents. Because these colors are too vivid, they will reveal your positions before you have even seen your opponent, making you an easy target.

Additionally, make sure your shoes are at ease. Ladies, that means no sandals and definitely no heels! The best option for you is sneakers, though boots will also look great, especially if they are dark in color.

2) Let Your Eyes Adjust

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Assumedly, you’re going to be playing Laser Tag in a dark arena. So, you need to give your eyes some time to adjust to this. While your eyes adjust to the darkness, try to survive for the first minute without attacking.

3) Use Your Ears

Although a lot of people mistakenly believe that laser tag is a game for the eyes only, it also pays to keep your ears open. In order to prepare for your opponents’ arrival before they even arrive in your area, it can be extremely advantageous for you to pay attention to their movements.

Who knows, you might be able to plan an ambush on them in secret!

4) Keep Low and Crouch Walk

The military has perfected the crouching walk for a reason.

It can pay to keep low if you really want to make yourself hard to hit. This is especially helpful if you’re a kid or just shorter and smaller in stature because it allows you to sneak attack while remaining out of taller people’s sight!

If you don’t know how to crouch walk, then just crouching when you’re stationary is also a good idea.

5) Keep on Moving

Keep as much of your wits about you as you can unless you’re purposefully camping. This is because hitting a moving target is much more challenging than one that is still.

However, you don’t want to be running around because this could harm your aim. Instead, walk steadily; this will keep your accuracy while making you a difficult target to hit.

Camping, however, is a good strategy if you want to limit your activity. Simply position yourself in a tight space and remain motionless; your adversaries will soon approach your line of fire.

6) Split Up

When playing Laser Tag, it’s not always easier to stay in a pack, despite the common misconception.

Because a straggler will have a much larger target to aim for if he encounters a pack of people. It’s also possible that he will be able to eliminate two or three of your team members before you can take the crucial shot.

When you’re alone or with just one other teammate, you can remain covert without providing your adversary with a sizable target to shoot at.

Defensive Techniques:

7) Know Your Map

It’s wise to do some research on the location of your fight in advance. Nothing is worse than playing laser tag in an environment where you have no idea what’s around every corner; you’re basically begging for your death.

Spend as much time as you can getting oriented by walking around the arena. You will have a huge advantage later on as a result of this.

However, keep in mind that staying safe can be monotonous. Therefore, if no one appears after 30 seconds, come out of hiding and move!

8) Walk Like a Crab; Sideways

Walking sideways ought to provide you with the best level of protection. This is due to the fact that your adversaries will have a smaller surface area to shoot at.

Turn sideways if you can’t duck when you see someone taking a shot. If you’re not facing them directly, they’ll have a lower chance of hitting your vest.

Just remember to keep moving; standing still too long while taking in your surroundings will almost certainly result in a shot from a more skilled player.

Offensive Techniques:

9) Rapid Firing

Shooting continuously is one of the quickest ways to improve your Laser Tag performance.

Maintaining a constant barrage of fire is a good idea because one advantage of laser tag is that reloading is simple. By doing this, your chances of reaching your goals can rise. Instead of taking your time to aim perfectly, shoot quickly in the general direction of the target’s sensors.

Just keep in mind to keep your finger on the trigger at all times.

10) Aim for Easy Targets

There’s no shame in acknowledging that you won’t be the greatest Laser Tag player of all time; it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there.

Fortunately, there are still a lot of people who can’t compare to you. I’m talking about little kids that go; they are your salvation!

Even though you run the risk of ruining little Bobby’s 9th birthday party, there’s no shame in targeting him for some easy points.

These are just a few straightforward Laser Tag tips that can improve your performance overall. It’s not necessary for laser tag to be the most competitive sport. It’s a fun game to play with your coworkers, but if you want to play to win, these are some of the best strategies for you to use to raise your game.

The good news is that these suggestions can generally all be applied to other activities, like Combat Archery Tag.

It’s not wrong to observe others who are more skilled than you and adapt their strategies in order to pick up new combat techniques. This is one of the best ways to improve at laser tag.

Play Laser Tag at Home

laser tag gun

if you want to play laser tag at home, the first thing you need is the laser tag gun. LaserX is the #1 at-home laser tag gun out there. Options range widely, from the Micro Blaster B2 to the LaserX. Everything two players need is provided by the LaserX Evolution. For those who play in teams, it has laser guns with 30 different color options.

Making sure the area where you’ll be playing is clean is the second step. No one will be mindful of bumping into things because playing laser tag involves running and moving quickly. As a result, you should take care to remove any fragile objects from the way and make sure there are no objects nearby that could hurt someone if they were to run into them.

Final Words

That concludes our discussion of laser tag and gives you all the information you require. Get outside and begin playing right away! You’ll quickly become an expert at laser tag with a little bit of practice. Who knows, you might even win your next laser tag match! Happy tagging and thanks for reading!

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