Laser Eye Surgery

How Long Does Laser Eye Surgery Take? -Never Worry About It

Patients at the Centre for Sight who are thinking about laser eye surgery find it helpful to know how long the procedure takes and how long they can anticipate spending with us during the surgery. The length of time required the length of time patients must recover, and the duration of vision correction are all covered in this article.

How Long Does Laser Eye Surgery Take?

The actual procedure takes around 20 minutes to complete. However, we usually recommend our patients to allow for about 4 hours, as there is preparation required before surgery and recovery time afterward.

How long does Laser Eye Surgery take to recover?

Your recovery time will be discussed when you meet with one of our surgeons the day after your procedure, but typically you will notice a significant improvement the day after your procedure and complete recovery in about 2 weeks, at which point you can resume exercising. Over the first six weeks following surgery, your vision should stabilize.

Does Laser Eye Surgery Last Forever?

Your eyesight will no longer need to be corrected after laser eye surgery, as was previously mentioned. However, natural eye development that occurs with aging affects our capacity to see objects up close. The mid-forties are typically the starting point for this degenerative process in patients. This is a change in anatomy that affects a different portion of the eye than the cornea and is unrelated to the cornea. Reading glasses or laser blended vision may be appealing substitutes for Lasik eye surgery for older patients with these conditions.

Cataracts are another eye condition that can develop later in life and can affect patients regardless of whether they have previously had LASIK surgery. Patients with cataracts experience stiffening and density increases in their eye’s lens, which eventually causes your eye’s surface to appear cloudy. The Cathedral Eye Clinic offers laser eye surgery as a simple solution to this, which has a significant impact on a patient’s vision quality. Patients who have had cataract surgery must remember to tell any future doctors about their prior surgical experiences in order to get the best replacement lens.

Laser Eye Surgery

Does Laser Eye Surgery Hurt?

The majority of patients who undergo eye laser surgery report little to no pain during the procedure or during their recovery. Eye drops are used to administer a local anesthetic, enhancing patient comfort throughout. Patients may experience some pain or swelling around the eyes after their procedure, though. Common side effects like this usually go away after a week.

In the hours after the procedure, patients may also experience some degree of blurred vision. In order to help you on your way home, Cathedral Eye Clinic advises bringing a friend.

Like all medical procedures, your recovery time will largely depend on the severity of your condition and the type of surgery you are deemed suitable for:

  • Lasik: It can take two to seven days to reach the full vision. However, it could take up to six months for a full recovery.
  • Smile: One of the quickest recovery times currently offered in the world is provided by SMILE. Athletes can immediately resume their passion because healing takes a day or two.

What Negative Effects Might The Procedure Have On Me?

There are some minor LASIK side effects that can occur. Although postoperative pain is not frequently linked to the procedure, some patients experience mild itching for the first day or two. When you blink, this is comparable to the sensation of having a contact lens in your eye. Some patients may experience “halos”, glare, or light sensitivity around bright lights for a few days, or occasionally months, after the procedure. Additionally, it might take a little while for your eyes to get used to your reading or close-up vision. These signs and symptoms are typical of the normal post-operative swelling of your cornea and will pass within the first few weeks. Prior to a patient’s procedure, side effects are fully explained.

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